Reasons to be Happy, in North Hollywood

It was a small thing. But one of those little defining moments that you make a note of when they happen. I was walking down Magnolia Blvd in North Hollywood, when I caught sight of it. There it was, on the window of the Sherry Theatre. My first publicly viewable photograph made since I had arrived in Los Angeles just a few months earlier. Right there. There it was. I really enjoyed that moment.

Photo Daily: Amiria Divine, Icy Curves on White Tulle

  Some of my favorite photoshoot memories are when we are all just playing. My lovely model friend Amiria Divine (who has just moved back to Chicago from the UK, yay!), and another model friend, Felicia, began playing with makeup. An ice white theme began to evolve. I pulled out a large container of white tulle, …