Carlotta Champagne – Touch Down

It was Carlotta Champagne who reminded me a few weeks ago that I was injured when I did the photoshoot that resulted in this beautiful photo with her.

“You threw your back out in the cave. Remember?”

Oh yeah. I forgot about that. It wasn’t long after making this photo of her lovely curved torso, that the pain got so bad that I could barely walk.

He Shook Sinatra’s Hand – Brian O’Rourke

  He Shook Sinatra’s Hand – Brian O’Rourke~ Life is probably best when you go from, “Oh. We’ve made a horrible mistake,” to, “Whoa. This is amaaaaazing!”, in a matter of a few minutes. I was out celebrating the birthday of a great friend of mine. Her newish boyfriend had spent all day on Yelp, …