Carlotta Champagne – Touch Down

It was Carlotta Champagne who reminded me a few weeks ago that I was injured when I did the photoshoot that resulted in this beautiful photo with her.

“You threw your back out in the cave. Remember?”

Oh yeah. I forgot about that. It wasn’t long after making this photo of her lovely curved torso, that the pain got so bad that I could barely walk.

Carlotta Rocky Point

  Carlotta has the most infectious enthusiasm. About whatever she happens to be doing at the moment. She’s good energy. Carlotta was tagging along the morning Anne and I were discovering the magical tree overlook. Every once in a while, when Anne needed a short breather from climbing all over that tree, I’d turn my …

Photo Daily: Carlotta Champagne on Pool Edge

  What to do when you’re photographing a beautiful model like Carlotta in 90 degree plus Mexican heat? You empty your pockets and get into the pool with her, carefully holding your camera out of the water. That was certainly the case in this photo, another of Carlotta that I made with her at the …