Meluxine – Contemplate Your Fate

I was catching up with Meluxine the other day. And we both agreed that this shoot, our first time ever collaborating together, still remains one of our favorite shoots either of us have been a part of. I think we had been reached a place in our respective work that needed a refresh somehow. Going back to remembering why we loved to do this kind of thing in the first place.

Carlotta Champagne – Touch Down

It was Carlotta Champagne who reminded me a few weeks ago that I was injured when I did the photoshoot that resulted in this beautiful photo with her.

“You threw your back out in the cave. Remember?”

Oh yeah. I forgot about that. It wasn’t long after making this photo of her lovely curved torso, that the pain got so bad that I could barely walk.

Jessamyne Rose – What Was

  Jessamyne Rose – What Was~ There was so much beauty to be found on the island of Kauai. And I don’t simply mean the lovely Jessamyne Rose. Everywhere you turned, breathtaking nature. And even the more desolate areas, like a beach I photographed her on, with bare tree roots and stumps, exposed by ocean …

Ivory Flame – Green with Ivory

  Ivory Flame – Green with Ivory~ Excitedly, “Oooh! What do you have?” That’s usually one of the first questions out of my mouth when I walk up to my model collaborator at the beginning of any shoot. It’s one of those moments of discovery that starts to put the final pieces in place of …

Barrier to the Beauty

  Barrier to the Beauty~ Hello Gentle Readers. Continuing my theme this week of sharing photographs I’ve made since I arrived in Los Angeles last year, Barrier to the Beauty, is what I would call a found image. I was walking through a parking lot outside a venue where I was photographing an event that evening. One …