Meluxine – Contemplate Your Fate



Meluxine – Contemplate Your Fate~

I was catching up with Meluxine the other day. And we both agreed that this shoot, our first time collaborating together, remains one of our favorite artistic photoshoots either of us have been a part of. I think we had reached a place in our respective work that needed a refresh somehow. Going back to remembering why we loved to do this kind of thing in the first place.

The planets definitely aligned that day. It was one of the most seemingly effortless shoots I’ve had in years. Every setup, even the ones we came up with while waiting 20 minutes for the sun to come back out from behind some clouds, turned out better than either of us could have imagined.

Both Meluxine and I been shooting long enough to realize when something magical is happening. And it was definitely happening that day in Kauai. Everything we shot felt new. Unexpected. Very inspiring. Unique.

And the wonderful thing is, that I have so much more to edit from that day. Creating with Meluxine is, as I like to say Gentle Readers, an embarrassment of riches.

Thank you Meluxine. Much more to come!

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