Jessamyne Rose – What Was

Jessamyne Rose - What Was ©2016

Jessamyne Rose – What Was ©2016


Jessamyne Rose – What Was~

There was so much beauty to be found on the island of Kauai. And I don’t simply mean the lovely Jessamyne Rose. Everywhere you turned, breathtaking nature. And even the more desolate areas, like a beach I photographed her on, with bare tree roots and stumps, exposed by ocean erosion. A stark beauty. A different kind of beauty.

Jessamyne and I arrived at the beach shortly after sunrise, hoping to have it to ourselves, which we did. A few days earlier, we had gone through some of the beautiful fashion she brought with her to the island. And so that morning, it was just a matter of determining whether we’d simply photograph her nude there or use some of the lovely things she brought.

It ended up being a mix. Some more elaborate than others, but this simple skirt, we both agreed, would look wonderful among the bare roots and trunks.

But what really made our six hours of shooting that day wonderful, was the mood and story that Jessa created during each set up. Jessa has wonderful positive energy and it’s a joyful thing to photograph her in that expression. But it’s also just as moving to photograph her when her face is expressing something that makes you wonder what’s going through her mind. That’s one of the reasons I love this photograph of her. I believe she suggests the viewer take a moment to feel something that requires a little more imagination.

Thank you Jessa. So much more of our artwork to come in the next few weeks.

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