Ivory Flame – Resilience Ascending

Ivory Flame - Resilience Ascending ©2016

Ivory Flame – Resilience Ascending ©2016


Ivory Flame – Resilience Ascending

I photographed the lovely and emotive UK-based Ivory Flame in Los Angeles in late 2016. (And you can win a signed print of this photograph- details below.) It was my first time collaborating with Ivory and I can describe our wonderful creating simply as, just playing in the light. In this photograph, she conveys her natural state of elegance, optimism and strength, with a nod to Old Hollywood beauty. Resilience Ascending.

Which I know seems to be a theme of mine recently. As I mentioned in the last blog, Gentle Readers, I’m taking a few days to present and discuss some of my favorite photographs, created in my first year after relocating to Los Angeles in 2016. And this one too again, is a most definite nod to one of my photographer influences, George Hurrell.

He made the Hollywood stars of the 1920s, 30s, 40s and beyond, look like works of art. And when I manage to capture that same feeling or spirit in one of my own images, to say I’m thrilled would be an understatement.

This photo of Ivory in particular, to me, seems to reveal a goddess quality about her. There’s a strength and grace in her pose. The dichotomy of a delicate nature and a powerful point of view. It’s a quality that my favorite women in my life all share.

And thank you to Zoe Wiseman for securing the location for this wonderful shoot!

And a signed print of this image of Ivory Flame will also have the distinction of one of two of my prints being raffled off at a charity event on Monday, February 20th.

Love Trumps Hate- An Evening of Giving Back, is a chance to enjoy some great food and beer at Phantom Carriage Brewery, just south of Los Angeles, in Carson, and all the while contributing to organizations such as the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), HRC (Human Rights Campaign), Planned Parenthood, or California State Parks.

A special thanks goes to my friend and organizer Ryan Hughes of Phantom Carriage, for inviting me to donate two pieces of my art to these important organizations. The raffle drawing for many wonderful prizes, including my photography, is at 7pm.

I hope to see some of you Gentle Readers there!

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