Ivory Flame – Green with Ivory

Ivory Flame - Green with Ivory ©2016

Ivory Flame – Green with Ivory ©2016


Ivory Flame – Green with Ivory~

Excitedly, “Oooh! What do you have?”

That’s usually one of the first questions out of my mouth when I walk up to my model collaborator at the beginning of any shoot. It’s one of those moments of discovery that starts to put the final pieces in place of what we might try that day.

And another question I often ask during our discovery session, is, “What do you have that you’ve been wanting to shoot with that for whatever reason, you haven’t?”

The answer to that question usually reveals something unique or unexpected. Something not obvious. And that’s a wonderful thing to discover.

Ivory Flame had brought along a table-full of beautiful things. Many of them sheer. All of them delicate and lovely.

It was the green that jumped out. Ivory has the most beautiful green eyes. And fabric of the same color tends to bring out the eyes, I’ve found. Green fabric somehow makes green eyes greener, if that makes any sense. As if Ivory’s eyes needed any help getting your attention!

But it’s her expression here that really moved me. I’ve really been trying to work more storytelling into my work as of late. Something beyond simply a photograph of a beautiful woman. More, nudging the viewer to wonder what the story of this beautiful woman might be. it’s nearly impossible to look at Ivory’s face and not wonder what she’s thinking or feeling.

This enthralling photograph is another of my favorite images I’ve created since arriving in Los Angeles last year, to continue with my LA theme this week. She’s a wonderful collaborator, with great enthusiasm to pair with her beautiful classical looks. Ivory is a model who seems to have stepped out of another time. A time before cameras, when painters would have been her collaborators.

I think that’s one of the things I most love about working with Ivory. She’s timeless. A lovely muse for any artistic age.

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