Dolby Theatre – Academy Awards 2017

Dolby Theatre - Academy Awards Weekend © 2017

Dolby Theatre – Academy Awards © 2017


Dolby Theatre – Academy Awards~

There are plenty of good things about being born and raised in and around Chicago. Flights to anywhere else in the country are more inexpensive because you’re at least already half-way there. There’s a personal strength that comes from outgrowing an inborn inferiority complex from living far away from the coastal action. I could go on… for at least a couple of more minutes.

But without question, the most frustrating thing, isn’t FOMO, it’s actually missing out. Being involved in the film, television and arts industries my entire adult life, and belonging to dozens of related organizations, it’s definitely one of those, if I had a dollar things, for every time I was eligible to attend an amazing lecture or a screening or a workshop, and couldn’t because very few of them happen in Chicago. There were always happening in Los Angeles, or New York. But mostly LA. And it’s no one’s fault. Things happen where people gather. And LA has a lot of gathering gravity.

Since arriving here last year, I’ve already been taking advantage of my new proximity to everything I’ve been missing out on for decades. And when I was in Hollywood yesterday, it was great fun to happen by the Dolby Theatre and see it all dressed up, blocked off and ready to go for Oscar night. It’s not exactly like seeing the Eiffel Tower in person for the first time, but for someone who’s been in the industry for decades and a huge fan of great movies even longer, I’ll admit it was a bit of a thrill.

More of my favorite photos from my first year in LA continue in tomorrow’s blog. Thanks as always, Gentle Readers, for your kind support.

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