Keira – Sheer Focus

Keira - Sheer Focus ©2015

Keira – Sheer Focus ©2015

Keira – Sheer Focus

Keira Grant is a tiny person. In the best way. And in the week leading up to her visit to Chicago last August, I was still in my temporary in-between home before my move to Los Angeles, and the place was Box City. Still piled high with moving boxes. Everywhere. Including anywhere she might find a place to sleep during her visit. So even as diminutive as she is, any potential soft spot to lay her head, wasn’t going to be found.

So I did the only reasonable thing I could do. I booked her a lovely room in one of the architecturally beautiful hotels downtown. This served two purposes. One, Keira wouldn’t have to make her bed in the bathtub, and second, if there wasn’t enough space for her to find a place to lay down, there certainly wasn’t going to be anywhere to photograph her either. So a hotel shoot it was.

I got a room with a corner balcony which allowed for all kinds of interesting shooting setups. One of the most simple however, was for me to step outside onto the balcony and shoot Keira through the billowing sheer curtains. It made for a nice framing.

And I didn’t even have to lift or move any boxes.

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