Jessamyne – A Million Miles Away

Jessamyne - A Million Miles Away ©2016

Jessamyne – A Million Miles Away ©2016

Jessamyne – A Million Miles Away


“I said, that’s good! Lean forward like that again!”


I held my index finger up to Jessamyne in the international gesture of, “Hold on a sec.”

You see, she was outside on the deck of our Hawaiian oceanfront villa and I was inside, photographing her through a window. And that pesky relentless ocean roar, was making communication beyond hand signals more or less impossible. Such are the hazards of beach living.

We had a quick conference out on the desk and I ran back inside. This was our 12th setup of the day. We needed few words anymore at that point to communicate. We were in a groove.

A few days earlier we had gone through her luggage and picked out several beautiful things to photograph her in. Lovely lace, sheer and vintage fabrics, so even though Jessa is gorgeous in nothing at all, it would have been a missed opportunity to not photograph her wearing a few of these one of a kind designs.

This day was my first time photographing Jessa, although I had been an admirer of her work for some time. She’s originally from Perth, Australia, but happily, we have both ended up in Los Angeles at the present time. And we’re already planning more collaborations, which I couldn’t be more excited about. Thank you, Jessamyne!

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