Jessamyne – Dressed to the 9am

Jessamyne - Dressed to the 9am ©2016

Jessamyne – Dressed to the 9am ©2016

Jessamyne – Dressed to the 9am

“You know, if you grab a handful of those sheets and pull, it creates some really beautiful lines,” I suggested to Jessamyne.

And we were off! I love it when an idea like that just kind of presents itself.

She began to play with various way to pull the sheets. Sitting and facing me, pulling them up past her chest. Really lovely.

But it wasn’t until she got up on her knees and turned sideways that we really started to get something wonderful.

During the shoot, we were discussing the high-wire act that it can be, photographing a beautiful nude woman on a bed. Many different kinds of statements can be made. A lot of it really depends on the mood of the model. And after a few minutes I had to stop and describe what I was seeing her emoting.

“You have a quality in bed that reminds me very much of Marilyn Monroe,” I said. Which of course anyone would take as a compliment. But wheat I meant was, that Marilyn would often exude a feeling of playfulness in bed in her photoshoots. It was much less of a, come fuck me, than it was, isn’t this fun! Joyful, Laughing. Not being overly serious.

And that’s what I was seeing with Jessamyne. And we were laughing a lot. And talking. And just having fun.

We loved playing with the sheets, making them almost look like the train in a long white formal gown. The series of straight lines, a perfect complement to Jessa’s lovely curves. And her face, blissful and happy. Which is her natural state I’ve come to find.

Over the course of our shoot day, we explored the island of Kauai and then in the beautiful oceanfront room. Something like 14 setups in all. In other words, so much more Jessamyne to come! And that makes me blissful and happy!

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