Photo Daily: West Loop Fireworks

West Loop Fireworks ©2005

West Loop Fireworks ©2005

I don’t often see too many b&w photographs of fireworks, but there is something quite wonderful about the contrast against the sky in the absence of color. I made this photograph from the roof of my studio the summer I moved in, ten years ago.

It was a great vantage point because there were dozens of respectable DIY fireworks displays happening all over to the west. Many little rocket trails dotting the skyline. And as you can see from this photo, a few that I would call much more than simply respectable.

Another reason I like this photograph is that in the ten years since, most of the old water towers you see have since been removed. So this photo has that added history that might not be quite so obvious on first glance.

I was shoot from a tripod when I made this photograph, the slightly longer exposure letting the fireworks fill in their beautiful patters. And the very observant Gentle Readers among you might also be able to pick out the shiny blur of the Green Line L train passing below.

Happy holiday weekend everyone!

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