Photo Daily: We’ll Always Call It The Sears Tower

We'll Always Call It the Sears Tower ©2015

We’ll Always Call It the Sears Tower ©2015

We Chicagoans are funny about names. It honestly doesn’t matter what the official name of something is. It’s our damn city and we really don’t care how many millions of dollars you paid for the naming rights. I’m looking at you, Willis Tower. We tried that for a while, but we’ve decided to go back to your original name, the Sears Tower. Willis Tower was just a little too Diff’rent Strokes for us.

U.S. Cellular Field. Same thing. We’re calling you White Sox Park, or new Comiskey, or more often, the less than flattering, but very apt, the Cell.

Cloud Gate? Yes, we really love Cloud Gate in Millennium Park. It’s definitely become one of Chicago’s best known art landmarks. But with apologies to the sculptor, Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor, you’re pretty much never going to hear us say, “I’ll meet you at Cloud Gate.”

No, it’s always going to be, “I’ll meet you at the Bean.” It’s just the way it is. Sorry.

So yes. It’s The Sears Tower. Just so you know.


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