Photo Daily: Night Call

Night Call ©2005

Night Call ©2005

I had almost thrown out that old rotary telephone, countless times. But the photo pack rat in me kept saying, just use it in one shoot before you do. I think if it had been black, I would have been more interested in keeping it, yet the light-colored cord over Jamie’s shear skirt. Okay. I stand corrected.

I don’t recall exactly what led us to decide to use that old phone in our shoot. It’s very possible that the phone had been moved out into the open into a pile of things that I was deciding whether to keep or not. And that’s when we spotted it.

“Hey, let’s use the phone!”

Jamie has always been enthusiastic to just try whatever pops into our heads. We’ll make it work, has been a mantra that has served us well over the years. And I think one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed collaborating with her on so many shoots is that we’ve both learned to leave plenty of room for discovery whenever we get together.

Jamie is a wonderful model friend who I’ve been shooting pretty much since the beginning. We did a rough count recently and came up with a number of well over 10,000 photographs we’ve made of her in the last 20 years. And a great deal of them were on film, which only adds to the extraordinary nature of that number. Back when every click of the shutter was ka-ching! Or at least more-so than shooting digital anyway.

I owe a lot to models like Jamie, who have broken the 10,000 images barrier. It’s a very small select group, and we’re all better for the experience. Thank you!

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