Photo Daily: Jordan Middle of the Night

Jordan on Leopard Fur ©2007

Jordan on Leopard Fur ©2007

“No, you can just lay there and relax. I’ll do the moving around and find something beautiful.”

I’ve said those words a lot to my lovely model friend Jordan. It’s a very zen way of shooting for me. Very relaxed. Having brief bits of conversation as I circle and stand and bend over, looking through the viewfinder all the while.

Sometimes, like in this case I’ll see what the light looks like it with Jordan in between it and me. Sometimes I’ll walk around and see what the light looks like coming from the same direction I’m standing. How much of her do I want in the shadows. How much with like directly falling on her. Without actually changing the light or where it is, I can actually alter the light by changing my position relative to it.

It’s a wonderful way to photograph. Very calming. For both of us. Taking time to really explore the beautiful shapes Jordan is creating and the light around her. She likes these relaxed moments when we create our art.

And very often, shoots like this with us happen in the middle of the night when the world has turned off. Maybe the sparseness of human activity for a mile in every direction creates a very chill artistic zone that we love to thrive in. Whatever it is, it’s our favorite time to create.

The middle of the night.


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