Photo Daily: Happy July 4th! And a Fireworks Video Rerun

Evergreen Park Fireworks ©2014

Evergreen Park Fireworks ©2014

It’s a holiday weekend. And in the spirit of enjoying some time off, I’ve decided it’s okay to post a rerun for this 4th of July. And not a total rerun, because obviously I’m writing something new here and all.

For my Gentle Readers in other parts of the world, July 4th is our National Independence Day. And one of the traditions is fireworks. Lots of fireworks. And I think for many of us in The States, we actually have a lot to celebrate this year. A lot of it happening very recently.

But last year, I was attending a good friend’s annual 3rd of July party. (I know, I know. Third of July?? That’s also a tradition. Celebrating on the 3rd or 4th of July is pretty standard around here.) His house is right across the street from where the Village of Evergreen Park has it’s annual 3rd of July Fireworks Display. It’s a good vantage point, all with the comforts of food and drink, steps away in his garage.

I decided I’d try to shoot some video of the fireworks with my, at the time, new iPhone 5s. I’d only had it a few months and I was curious to see what I could do with it. And it did pretty well. Focusing on the dark sky was a little tricky, but it did fairly well.

I brought the footage home and edited it together with a beautiful piece of music from a very talented composer/musician Amber M. Short of PMG Projects (Piano Music Girl). The music is Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune”, one of my favorite pieces of music, performed by Amber, and used with permission through her creative commons license of her beautiful recording.

Happy 4th everyone, and enjoy the fireworks!

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