Photo Daily: Glass Runway North Seal River Manitoba Canada

Glass Runway North Seal River Manitoba Canada ©2003

Glass Runway, North Seal River, Manitoba, Canada ©2003

200 miles south of the Arctic Circle. Half way to the North Pole from Chicago. And it only took four different planes to get here. Each getting increasingly smaller as we flew further north. This was my second work trip to distant points on the top of the globe I never imagined I’d ever travel to.

I was once again on a project to photograph one of the great Canadian fishing lodges called Gangler’s. The only way to get there is by plane. No roads. You are literally out in the middle of nowhere.

I made this photograph one early morning before we headed out for the day. Crazy peaceful. The North Seal River was like glass, as it often is. Water so clean, there’s no need to bring bottled water with you. You just dip your cup into the water.

Shore lunch is a treat. You spend the morning catching what you’re going to eat for lunch. I’m no fisherman, but even I was pulling huge delicious Northern Pike into the boat. That is, when I wasn’t singing show tunes. Apparently neither the fish, nor my boating colleagues are fans of loud singing. Noted. Lesson learned.

Nothing but sky and water. As far as the eye can see. And yes, I got to “fly” co-pilot.

“Just don’t touch anything.”



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