Photo Daily: Flight Fishing

Flight Fishing ©1997

Flight Fishing ©1997

Any of you Gentle Readers who know me well, if asked to describe me in a word, would probably not volunteer, “Outdoorsman,” as one of your initial descriptives. In fact, that term probably wouldn’t even show up in your top 25 list.

Yet here I was. Way up in the northern tip of Saskatchewan, far from roads and far even from electricity, apart from a generator. That floatplane you see in the photograph? That was how we got here.

A friend of a friend owns some fishing lodges up there and invited a few of us image making types to come up for a sort of working vacation. To photograph the lodge and surrounding nature.

I’ll admit it was beautiful. And oddly nice to be so completely disconnected. Literally fending for ourselves when it came to catching something to eat.

So, outdoorsman? Hardly. But sometimes it’s nice to pretend.


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