Daily Photo: Justine Darkest Before the Dawn

Justine Darkest Before the Dawn ©2007

Justine Darkest Before the Dawn ©2007

Another haunting photo of my friend and collaborator, Justine, in honor of her birthday last week. We have spent so much time coming up with interesting ways to photograph her. And this evening as we looked around the studio for the next idea, I spotted some black paint and a large sponge.

“Sure! Let’s do it,” was our usual response to ideas like this, and I began dabbing her with the paint. We didn’t really know where we were going with this, but that was also usual.

And out of Justine, suddenly a character began to emerge. With a range of emotions from primal to somber. It was incredible to watch.

This particular photo however, really struck me as powerful. It was all at once sad and thoughtful and beautiful.  Impossible not to wonder what is going on behind those beautiful eyes.

Thank you Justine for going along on another artistic adventure to whatever we might discover.

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