Daily Photo: Anoush Green is Good

Anoush Green is Good ©2012

Anoush Green is Good ©2012

It’s really doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes you just need a big empty space, a single piece of furniture… and a wonderfully emotive model, like my good friend Anoush.

I had access to a large unfinished space in the Streeterville neighborhood in Chicago and arranged to meet her there. It’s fun to play in a large expanse of nothingness.

Off along one bare wall was a sofa. The only piece of furniture that had been moved in at this point. Anoush took her position on it and began creating a beautiful series of poses that were tremendous fun to compose with.

I decided to use the negative space of the high ceiling to give her graceful movement added visual interest along the bottom of the frame. I really loved how her raised arms push your eye up into the empty space.

Thank you Anoush for collaborating on a simple minimalist concept, taken to a wonderful place.

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