Photo Daily: Wrigley Field Rain Delay

Wrigley Field Rain Delay ©2004

Wrigley Field Rain Delay ©2004

One thing I’ve learned about making a seemingly ordinary photograph of contemporary city life, eventually the changes that take place over a few years make it all the more interesting when you look back. Take Wrigley Field for example.

I made this photograph during a rain delay about 11 years ago. And even in the short time since then, Wrigley looks completely different today. The rooftop of the building behind the left field wall that for years was painted big and red for Budweiser, is now gone from sight behind the new electronic scoreboard that was installed this year.

The bleachers have been completely demolished, rebuilt and extended. Time marches on.

But I’ll always have my Wrigley Field moments, frozen in gloriously old-timey fashion.

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