Photo Daily: White Amiria

White Amiria ©2009

White Amiria ©2009

This was a fun shoot. I’m a bit of a pack rat when it comes to collecting things I think I might be able to use in a shoot. Some day. I was in Las Vegas a few years earlier and instead of spending time at the tables, some good friends and I hit the thrift shops. And I ended up coming home with a suitcase full of white tulle.

Out it came as Amiria was transformed into a beautiful icy wonder by our mutual friend Felicia. I love those moments before we actually start shooting, when I know something really good is about to happen.

The usual laughter and silliness ensued as we began. Shoots like this are never overly serious. And I think that’s why we’re able to create images like this that are a prefect representation of a group of artists just letting go and doing their thing. No one asking why we’re wrapping Amiria up in all of this tulle. Just doing it because we thought it might look cool.

I’m pretty sure the evening ended in an even more silly dance party as these shoots often do. Thanks to Amiria and Felicia for the lovely experience.

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