Photo Daily: Treetop Eiffel Tower

Treetop Eiffel Tower ©2008

Treetop Eiffel Tower ©2008

I’ve often said that one of my favorite things about wandering Paris at night is the surprise of the top of the illuminated Eiffel Tower suddenly appearing in my path. I was walking along the Right Bank around midnight one evening when it magically appeared over the treetops.

Paris is a wonderful walking city day or night. Two completely different personalities, both equally beautiful. Yet the night takes on a wonderful mysterious quality. Not altogether quiet, but peaceful. Room for your thoughts, walking through lovely neighborhoods and along the Seine.

And when I’m walking though the western end of Paris, the Eiffel Tower seems to have a magnetic pull with me. No matter what direction I’m walking, she lures me closer. A Parisian call of the Sirens, so to speak.

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