Photo Daily: Melissa Resting Beauty Face

Melissa Resting Beauty Face ©2006

Melissa Resting Beauty Face ©2006

I made this photo of the lovely model Melissa Troutt when I was photographing her along with another model. It was one of the few times I arranged a shoot with models I didn’t know in advance. Melissa belongs to a network of freelance art models who tour the globe making art with hundreds of photographers. I had seen Melissa’s work and found it very inspiring. The usual emails were exchanged, and  in a few months, here we were.

I do find it a challenge sometimes to be photographing someone for an art project moments after our first hellos. It usually takes a while for everyone involved to find the groove. There is definitely a getting to know you period, although by its nature it was wildly accelerated in this instance, considering the intimate nature of creating fine art nude photography.

A couple of hours into the shoot, I think Melissa and I found that good place that we were trying to get to, which is always wonderful when that happens during a first shoot. That moment when you can feel we’re all on the same page.

This photograph was made a little after the half way point of our session. I was relaxed. Melissa was relaxed. And the natural window light was perfect coming in behind her. We both could feel it working.

In another few hours, we were finished and Melissa continued on her traveling model adventures. But I’m happy we managed to cross paths one lovely afternoon, even if only for a brief time.

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