Photo Daily: Meghan Claire at La Presa de Santa Ines

Meghan Claire at La Presa de Santa Ines ©2011

Meghan Claire at La Presa de Santa Ines ©2011

One of the best things about shooting on location is finding the locations. I was in Baja, Mexico a few years ago and had scheduled a shoot with the lovely and adventurous Meghan Claire. We decided to head out of the little town we were staying in and find a large dam we had heard about from some of the locals, La Presa de Santa Ines.

Thanks to the satellite view from Google Maps, we had a fairly good idea of where we were going, despite the fact that most of the roads were unpaved, and the concept of street signs was nonexistent in that part of the world. But using a few landmarks, we managed to arrive with an unusual absence of wrong turns.

We arrived at the dam, literally in the middle of nowhere, and paused only a second before proceeding past the sign that even with my limited Spanish, I could see stated in large capital letters, we were not to enter exactly where we were planning to go.

So, after looking around and confirming there wasn’t another soul for miles, we headed down on foot and had a wonderful time finding amazing places for Meghan to create beautiful shapes while I looked for interesting compositions.

I photographed her from every angle I could think of, down along the dam wall, from below as she climbed up the stone staircase and finally with me on top of the dam, shooting Meghan far below me.

And as always when you find yourself making art in a place you’re really not supposed to be, after about an hour, we decided we probably shouldn’t push our luck any further and we hopped back into the car and reached for our water bottles for a necessary hydration after running around in the Mexican heat.

Sometimes you have to ignore the posted rules to make interesting art.

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