Photo Daily: Jillian Ann Shadow Dancer

Jillian Ann Shadow Dancer ©2005

Jillian Ann Shadow Dancer ©2005

This lovely photograph of Jillian Ann was made in another of those wonderful fleeting moments of perfect light before the sun dipped below the horizon. It was only after quickly checking back the first few frames that I noticed my noggin’s shadow was making an unwanted appearance near the bottom of the frame. A little more scrunching down against the wall I was leaning against, and, perfect!

Those are the times when you know you only have a few minutes and it’s good to pay attention to those details before you get too far. Yes, I could have photoshopped it out, but the purist in me likes to avoid cheating like that. Get it in camera.

Jillian used her shadow to create a series of wonderful projections on the wall behind her. I truly enjoy collaborating with her. We were chatting the other day and we realized I’ve been photographing her for 14 years now. It’s always wonderful to have such a long-term partnership with someone so creative and inspiring.

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