Photo Daily: Jamie Pinnacle

Jamie Pinnacle ©1995

Jamie Pinnacle ©1995

I’ve been having a wonderful long distance email conversation with a good long time friend of mine the past few months. On one of our many discussion tangents, I was telling her about how my photography has been a living timeline of the people and places in my life the past 25 years.

I’ve made over 300,000 images in that time and even in the days before digital images and timestamps, my film negative catalog contains over 1,000 rolls of film, all with their own database of where and when particulars. I’ve been going back to those film rolls and scanning them for over a decade, bringing them into the digital world for easier access and as another method of archive protection. It’s a long process as it takes about a day to scan a single roll of film at such high quality.

It’s not something I can do with any regularity, even when I’ve had studio assistants to help out with the process. It can be a bit tedious and everyone needs a little variety in their workday.

It will probably be another few years before I have an archive scan of every frame of film I’ve ever shot, but I’m getting there. It’s nothing short of wonderful to see some of these images large and crisp on my computer screen, often for the first time outside of looking at them through a loupe on a contact sheet.

This one of Jamie is one we made 20 years ago. I was really starting to find my voice in art nude photography during that time. I remember I actually licensed this image back then to a plastic surgeon’s office for an advertisement, which was ironic in that Jamie of course was nothing but natural. Ah, advertising.

A wonderful stop along Billy’s photography timeline.

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