Photo Daily: Hello Sun? Are You There?

Hello Sun? Are You There?  ©2015

Hello Sun? Are You There? ©2015

In the industry, we call them god rays. Those streaming rays of light when the sun is breaking through the clouds. Usually just after a storm. So we’ve had more than an above average change for this sort of occurrence the last month here.

As with yesterdays bat-like image in the clouds, this is a still from some motion footage I shot the other day out of the studio window during and after one of our seemingly every day downpours these days. I do find weather like this far more interesting than when it’s clear blue skies. Not that I don’t enjoy clear blue skies. From a photographic standpoint, a little weather drama is always more compelling.

I decided to compose this shot with a radio antenna tower in it. I liked how it appears to be reaching out or calling to the sun. Not unlike what many of us have been doing here with what looks to be shaping up like a record-setting month for rainfall going back to 1902.

Until things return to normal, we can all enjoy the cloud shows. And the god rays.

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