Photo Daily: Gondolier Steers, Venice, Italy

Gondolier Steers, Venice, Italy ©1999

Gondolier Steers, Venice, Italy ©1999

As much as the lure of a gondola ride beckons when I’m Venice, it’s actually a lovely walking city as well. Picking a direction and exploring the narrow walkways is how I came upon this beautiful scene of a gondolier ferrying his passengers while I was walking over one of the many delightful bridges.

Many times I’d find myself at a dead-end, the sidewalk just dropping off into one of the canals. But those little spots allowed me to make some interesting photos off the more popular paths.

Venice is a beautifully wonderful old city to explore. There are the usual tacky tourist shops along some of the main walkways, but it’s easy to avoid those when exploring. And when you do, it’s a lovely place to get lost.

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