Photo Daily: Frances Window Curves

Frances Window Curves ©2006

Frances Window Curves ©2006

I was speaking with another artist friend of mine last week, discussing art photography and the differences between photographing men and women. I explained I’ve always found I’m more drawn to curves rather than lines.

When I first started making art nude photography with women, I did actually photograph men as well. I thought it would be an interesting exercise to see what I would discover by working outside of my usual art leanings.

What I discovered was that photographing men evoked a completely different set of adjectives to describe what I was capturing. For the most part, the men stuck more aggressive poses. Similar maybe to a panther. Powerful. Sharper angles. Not bad, just different from what I had been expressing in my work with women.

Take this photograph I made of Frances. It’s all about the gentle curves. And somehow I seem to be drawn more to creating images like this one. I do have a sense of awe when I photograph the softer curves of a woman, cascading into each other.

To quote Elaine from an episode of Seinfeld called, The Apology, “The female body is a work of art. The male body is utilitarian. It’s for getting around. It’s like a Jeep.”

Of course, Michelangelo’s David might beg to differ.

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