Photo Daily: Chicago River at Kinzie Street Bridge

Chicago River at Kinzie St Bridge ©2009

Chicago River at Kinzie St Bridge ©2009

All of the world’s greatest cities seem to have a river running through them. In Chicago’s case, that also means a lot of bridges. The most moveable bridges of any city in the world.

Some of course, are frozen in their either raised or lowered position as the reason for their existence ceased to be, such as this old rail bridge on the North Branch of the Chicago River just south of Kinzie Street. I do like to photograph them, before someone decides to remove them since they’re no longer in use.

It’s actually great fun to see the leap-frogging of bridge operators along the Chicago River, two teams raising the officially named bascule bridges a few times a week for boat traffic to and from Lake Michigan. As large as the bridges they are, their movement is nothing short of graceful.

I remember as a small child, riding my bike to the 95th Street bridge where I grew up on the South Side, and putting one of my bike wheels on one side of the sidewalk seam on the middle of the bridge, and the other wheel on the other side. A little five-year old self dare that only lasted a few seconds at a time.

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