Photo Daily: Carlotta in the Garden

Carlotta Champagne in the Garden ©2011

Carlotta Champagne in the Garden ©2011

Being a photographer who mainly photographs in my studio or a more urban setting, it did take me a while to get used to shooting in nature in Todos Santos, Mexico. So much nature!

So when my lovely model friend, Carlotta and I decided to photograph her in and around the grounds of the beautiful Todos Santos Inn I was staying at, I found myself wading through a lush green garden with huge banana leaves. Very different for me, but very inspiring at the same time.

I had Carlotta find a nice patch to stand in and I backed away a few steps, sometimes photographing her in the clearing, like this image, and sometimes shooting through the leaves to add some foreground texture. A different kind of shooting experience to me, but very pleasant in that environment.

We continued to explore the gardens and even ended up in a plant lined pool, which yielded more interesting places for beautiful compositions. A wonderful shooting day with an equally wonderful model friend, creating a new kind of art for me.

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