Photo Daily: Carlotta Champagne on Pool Edge

Carlotta Champagne on Pool Edge ©2011

Carlotta Champagne on Pool Edge ©2011

What to do when you’re photographing a beautiful model like Carlotta in 90 degree plus Mexican heat? You empty your pockets and get into the pool with her, carefully holding your camera out of the water.

That was certainly the case in this photo, another of Carlotta that I made with her at the beautiful pool at Todos Santos Inn in Baja, Mexico. I remember making a mental note to myself that making photographs in the cool water on a hot day was something to be repeated.

Carlotta has lovely curves and this pose really illustrates that to the extreme. Exactly the kind of inspiring shape that I am drawn to, which I mentioned a few blog posts ago. It’s why photographing women with a silhouette like hers always leaves me with a sense of awe. Curves for days.

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