Photo Daily: Candace Nirvana Shrouded

Candace Nirvana Shrouded ©2011

Candace Nirvana Shrouded ©2011

Candace Nirvana is a tremendously inspiring model who also happens to be a brilliant photographer. Candace and I had great fun exploring this abandoned cannery in Baja, Mexico a few years ago.

One of the items she brought along for the shoot was a thin wisp of a white dress. At one point she pulled it over her head to cover her face which made for a very striking pose. She’s very inventive like that. One of the reasons it’s always wonderful to be collaborating with her.

She’s also one of a dozen or so model friends of mine who are positively at the top of my list of models who really know light. They’re true collaborators in the sense that they’re constantly looking at where the light is coming from and reacting to it in the way they position themselves. It’s literally having a second set of very refined eyes as we’re shooting.

Thank you Candace for a lovely inspiring day.

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