Photo Daily: Bird Over Chicago River

Bird Over Chicago River ©2006

Bird Over Chicago River ©2006

Timing is everything. Shooting with one eye in the viewfinder and the other eye taking in the wider view of what is just about to enter or leave the frame. There’s a certain amount of luck involved. And a fair amount of waiting for everything to line up just so.

I was walking around Chicago’s Loop with my camera as I sometimes do, exploring and seeing what I could discover. I seem to stick close to the Chicago River on these walks. It’s one of my city’s best features. Plenty of beautiful architecture, bridges and an occasional flying thing.

I was camped out near the Adams Street bridge, looking for an interesting composition when I noticed some birds flying over the river. A fairly ordinary occurrence.

The tricky part is to will the birds into just the right place in the composition. That’s what I tell myself anyway. Although it probably just goes back to that waiting for the lucky moment things I mentioned above.

Yeah, it’s probably the latter. I’ll go ahead and leave Bird Whisperer off of my CV for the time being.

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