Photo Daily: Bearded Billy Melon

Bearded Billy Melon ©2015

Bearded Billy Melon ©2015

I’m so not a selfie guy. It’s not that I dislike my own visage. It’s just that I find the world so much more interesting than my big ol’ melon.

But every once in a while, when someone asks me to send a picture of me – in the moment I currently happen to be inhabiting, sometimes the results are a little better than average. Like this one.

I was crawling out from under a little health surprise a few months ago, which is a long story for another time. Finally beginning to feel human again. I’d let the facial hair grow, which is always an interesting experiment. And I had raised my glasses, simply because my eyes are not what they were when I was 20 and I wanted to see the image on my camera, inches from my face.

I like the glasses raised effect. Most of the time, people see my eyes through the window of my John Lennon style British Optical Windsor glasses. I get them from Savile Row in London. I actually have three different pairs with different lenses for computer work, or camera work or walking down the street. Never get old, gentle readers.

Billy's Glasses ©2015

Billy’s Glasses ©2015

But I like my eyes. Nice to give them a shot in the spotlight here. They’ve served me very well over the course of my life.

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