Photo Daily: Jamie Pre-Flight

Jamie Pre-Flight ©2005

Jamie Pre-Flight ©2005

I should have been packing for my trip to Paris the next day. As usual, I had barely started putting together my travel kit the night before. Besides clothes and cameras, I hadn’t yet packed my film in the lead bags that I used to carry with me to prevent fogging from the x-ray machines. Since 9/11, asking for film hand checks was often met with a no, or at the very least an eye roll and an expression of exasperation.

But one of my great model friends Jamie had stopped by and was anxious to have a quick shoot before I headed off. I had made over 10,000 photographs of her in the preceding decade and she was anxious to have her premiere shoot in what at the time was my new studio.

Packing could wait. We had a wonderful time. Great wine. Great discussion. And great photos.

She brought several lovely dresses that we photographed her in and out of. I was shooting with a slow shutter speed to give some of the photographs a little movement. Almost flight.

Which seemed appropriate, pre-flight.

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