Photo Daily: Departures and Arrivals

Departures and Arrivals

Departures and Arrivals ©2014

I love airports. Or more accurately, I love the idea of airports. Departures and arrivals.

The feeling of beginning some kind of adventure, either for work or pleasure, or returning from one. And even if it’s not me who is traveling, it usually means greeting someone I love and have missed or sending off someone who I will miss while they’re away.

Those are all good feelings and ideas.

The reality of it though, the lines, the security, the feeling of being crammed into a seat that only barely meets the definition of a human seat for hours. Flying is magical, but we have managed to suck a lot of the joy out of it in recent years.

So I try to focus on the magical-ness of it. I really try. Just the idea that for nearly all of human existence, we’ve looked up to the sky and wondered what it would be like to fly. And because we’ve managed to arrive on the planet in the last hundred years, we get to experience that. That’s really magical.

The idea that I can I’ll be hugging someone I haven’t seen in ages at the arrival gate. Or that I’ll be standing in Chicago on a Friday afternoon and be walking around under the Eiffel Tower the following morning, which would have been unimaginable the year the Eiffel Tower was completed. That’s pretty cool that we can do that and rather interesting that we take that for granted now.

We all experience departures and arrivals of all kinds in our lives. But if we can focus and appreciate on the magical-ness of the experience, perhaps we can better weather any unpleasantness that may come along with it.

I made this photograph while scouting locations for a shoot last year.

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