Photo Daily: Chicago City Canyon

Chicago City Canyon ©2014

Chicago City Canyon ©2014

There’s a little alley in the heart of Chicago’s financial district that has the most amazing daytime light. It can be the sunniest of days, but the narrow canyon of dark adjacent buildings and imposing overhanging fire escape manage to snuff out all but a little sliver of light. It’s nothing short of beautiful.

I was on a photography walk with my friend Dave when I took him over to my secret alley. We’d only been there about 30 seconds before a security guard, not only told us to stop making photographs, but made us delete our images. I didn’t argue because I’m good at recovering deleted photos off of my compact flash cards. And on we walked to a friendlier street.

It’s a shame that most big cities are so buttoned down with security after 9/11. Having made photographs in Chicago before and after, it’s taken a lot of the fun out of it. So we’ve learned to be quick. Have your camera ready, make your shot and walk away before you are noticed.

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