Photo Daily: Anastasia Leopard Shadows

Anastasia Arteyeva Leopard Shadows ©2014

Anastasia Arteyeva Leopard Shadows ©2014

This photograph I made of my lovely model friend Anastasia was actually a quick light test I made of her. Another photographer was using my studio for the day and I had set up a sweep for him with some beautiful sunlight coming in from the West.

It was probably one of the shortest “shoots” I’ve ever had. I think I made two quick images of Ana before stepping aside.

It’s interesting when someone besides me shoots in my space. In a way, it’s relaxing because I rarely get to enjoy a shoot from the vantage point of an observer. But I also try to stay well in the background and out of the way because I know sometimes having another person in close proximity can be a distraction for both the model and the photographer.

I think I this case, I watched for a few minutes to make sure no one needed anything else and I went for a walk. But I’m glad I managed to make this photo before I retired to being a civilian for the next few hours.

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