Photo Daily: Mia DeRosa Midnight Step

Mia DeRosa Midnight Step ©2014

Mia DeRosa Midnight Step ©2014

Mia DeRosa is a lovely model who came to me last year through another model friend of mine, Carlotta Champagne. Mia was relatively new to modeling when I photographed her, yet I found her wonderfully easy to collaborate with.

One evening during her visit, we had dinner at one of my favorite sushi restaurants and Mia had on a beautiful wispy skirt. I remember following her into the elevator at my studio thinking, we should use that later. I loved the flow of it and it was one of Mia’s favorites.

The next day we began our shoot, nude, in the style of old B&W Hollywood with textured dappled lighting. Mia was beautiful.

For our next setup, I had her find the same lovely skirt she had on the night before. I adjusted the lighting, but still in the style of pools of light here and there. Mia began to spin and play and find many lovely poses for us.

I originally thought we might stay with B&W with this second setup, but during my initial edit, I decided it might be nice to keep the color, while retaining the dark noir feel of the image. Color grading the shadows and dark tones toward blue, resulted in a wonderful separation of her skin tones to the rest of the image.

I was very happy with how my first collaboration with Mia turned out. Thanks, Mia!

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