Photo Daily: Brooke Strength and Grace

Brooke Strength and Grace ©2014

Brooke Strength and Grace ©2014

Brooke Lynne has a wonderful sense of the shapes she creates. It’s a joy to watch her work to find the precise pose. She has a keen sense of symmetry and knows when to use it and when the composition requires something more askew. Regardless, what she achieves is the most lovely balance.

I’m always inspired when working with a model of the caliber of Brooke. It’s not only simply physical beauty that she exudes, but the other thing I love to express when working with feminine subjects. Strength. Women have the wonderful ability to be strong and graceful all at once.

Brooke and I were working with her posing in front of my studio windows on an antique bench. Almost a silhouette except that I used a large white bounce reflector to direct the light back at her. Beautiful natural light ringing the edges of her body.

I ended up with many favorite photographs to try to narrow down when I began to edit the shoot. And this image was one that jumped out at me right away. It perfectly represents the beauty and strength concept I gravitate to.

One of the happy things about the way Brooke creates is that she works in what I like to call multiple direction poses. She knows that pointing her torso in one direction, and her head or limbs in another can create a very unique composition. This one I found particularly striking because she managed to create what is typically thought of as a masculine inverted-V shape with her shoulders. Yet at the bottom of the V, her curves were completely feminine. The entire pose contains strong elements and graceful elements.

I love creating with Brooke and this is a perfect example of why I do!

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