Photo Daily: Once Again, Into Winter’s Grasp

Once Again, Into Winter's Grasp ©2013

Once Again, Into Winter’s Grasp ©2013

Once again, into Winter’s grasp, gentle readers. I usually hold off on posting any pictures involving snow until it actually snows here. I’d hate to contribute to the cosmic cause of a snowstorm because I encouraged nature to imitate art. We get enough of that here in Chicago without any artistic prodding.

I think I stopped being excited about Winter when I was 10 years old. And certainly for those of us who are city folks, who get around without the comforts of garage to garage transportation, temperatures that actually hurt your face and trying to avoid falling on unshoveled walks are an unpleasant combination.

Still, as a photographer that relishes black and white photography, Winter is about as close as you get to living in a monochrome world. It can be hauntingly beautiful. Exteriors reduced to their most basic shapes and tones of black and white.

I do try to remember that when I’m out walking and I can’t feel my toes anymore. Sometimes it’s a good thing to stop for a moment and look up from the sidewalk you’re trying to navigate, and just enjoy the beauty of it all.

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