Photo Daily: Vanessa Montreal

Vanessa Montreal ©1996

Vanessa Montreal ©1996

Montreal is a lovely city. It’s as close to Europe as you can get without crossing the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, the reason I was there was because we were using Montreal as a stand-in for Paris while shooting a TV commercial for Tresemme. Vanessa was one of the beautiful models on hand for the shoot.

I was the editor of those commercials back then and it was always nice to be invited to the set to give a thumbs up whenever there was a question of, “Do you have what you need?”

But I always had my cameras with me as well, shooting whenever I wasn’t in the way. I made this photograph with my 1968 Hasselblad, loaded with Fuji Provia transparency film, which always resulted in gorgeous colors. Vanessa is standing in front of the historic Montreal City Hall, a beautiful 19th century building, with a decidedly French feel.

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