Photo Daily: Romahni Rose Shadow Box

Romahni Rose Shadow Box ©2014

Romahni Rose Shadow Box ©2014

Timing is everything. The right mood. The right light. The right idea. And the right model. A few weeks earlier, I didn’t know I would have the opportunity to photograph the wonderfully creative and fun Romahni Rose. But then the planets align and everything falls into place. Timing.

And as it happens, it was Romahni’s last planned trip to the States for the foreseeable future. She was a few months aware from returning to her native Australia, journeying home through Europe and parts of Asia.

So when she arrived at my studio with our mutual traveling model friend Brooke Lynne, it was a chance for me to meet and photograph her, before her return. We all had a lovely time.

I made this image of Romahni just as the sun was setting in my studio. I just loved how she played with the shadows.

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