Photo Daily: Melissa Angel Over City

Melissa Angel over City ©2006

Melissa Angel over City ©2006

There are always such great hopes looking to the new year. Looking out to the horizon, wondering what is to come. Mostly, it’s up to us. There are certainly things we’ll have to react to, that we can’t control. But really, what’s to come depends on each of us.

“You make your own happy.”

My brilliant and dear friend, Justine, enlightened me to that truth during a 4am phone call when I was having a dark moment years ago. Actually, only a few months after I made this lovely photograph of my friend Melissa on the roof of my studio. Justine’s good like that. She has a way of cutting through the forest and giving me the clarity I sometimes struggle with. No one person or thing or event was going to make me happy. That was all up to me.

It couldn’t more true. Life is full of wonderful things and not so wonderful things. Some things we can control and others we cannot. What we choose to focus on, however, makes all the difference.

“Don’t force The Force.”

That one’s from Melissa. One of the most positive and beautiful people in my life. She too has been enlightening me for over 15 years through our art and our friendship. Don’t try to control what you can’t. Do your thing the best you can and everything will fall into place.

Thank you, Justine. Thank you, Melissa.

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