Photo Daily: Heather Out of the Blue

Heather Out of the Blue ©2006

Heather Out of the Blue ©2006

Heather Hay is a lovely friend of mine who I don’t see nearly often enough these days. She’s gone international, frequenting both hemispheres. But she does reappear from time to time, out of the blue. And like a good many of my friends scattered about this blue marble, her reappearance sometimes happens in my middle of the night.

Years ago, Heather was one of my favorite evening drinking companions. Frozen Mai Tais were our cocktail of choice when we were together, which was odd, because separately, I don’t think either of us ordered many Mai Tais, if any.

But it became our thing and fueled many hysterical discussions, usually involving us making up elaborate dares for each other that involved creating a public scene involving our fellow patrons. More often than not, these “scenes” involved Heather or I throwing a glass of water in an innocent person’s face and making a loud declaration along the lines of, “Well, this is the last time you’ll be seeing these!”

Nothing beats Mai Tai fueled hijinks.

I made this photo of her on my roof, just before the evening light became too dark to photograph her in.

Heather is currently thousands of miles away, using her colorist skills to make films look gorgeous. But she did take a moment to reappear in my chat a few hours ago. Out of the blue.

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