Photo Daily: Blue Union Station Chicago

Blue Union Station Chicago ©2013

Blue Union Station Chicago ©2013

Chicago’s Union Station is one of my favorite architectural landmarks. Both inside and outside. Inside is the historic Great Hall and outside, the facade features a row of huge Corinthian columns, made only more beautiful when lit in blue.

Completed in 1925, it remains the third busiest train station in the U.S., behind only Grand Central and Penn Station in New York City. I myself have made two round trips from Union Station to San Francisco on Amtrak, a two-and-a-half day trip that might sound horribly long, but is actually the most relaxing way I’ve ever traveled cross-country.

I was dropping a friend of mine off to catch her train one evening when I decided to take a few moments to photograph Union Station. The cool glow on a crisp October evening was very striking.

The challenge of photographing Union Station is always to find the best angle. When it opened nearly 90 years ago, it basically stood alone along South Canal Street. Not so today. I only had a 50mm lens with me at the time, so I had to do a little traffic dodging to get what I thought was a good angle of the columns and the Union Station sign.

Always important to look both ways when making photographs in traffic.

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