Photo Daily: Ashley and Her Good Side

Ashley and Her Good Side ©2013

Ashley and Her Good Side ©2013

“No, my left side is my good side.”

I had set up my lighting to photograph my good friend Ashley with her looking into the light. But when I told her to turn so the right side of her face would be facing the camera, she corrected me.

“Oh. Okay. Go ahead and turn the other way then.”

She was right and I immediately liked how the light was casting more of a shadow on her than my original idea. Our plan that evening was to photograph her in a beautiful new soft gray leather jacket she had recently acquired, and maybe move on to something else as the evening, wine and tequila dictated.

The shoot only lasted 20 minutes. Our mutual friend Anthony arrived and my shoot with Ashley turned into a shoot with Anthony instead. That’s what wine and tequila can do.


No matter though. I did get to photograph Ashley’s good side. At least for a few minutes.

Ashley, in addition to being a wonderful photographer, makeup artist and designer, now also runs a merchandising company called, Ashen LA.

Ashen LA Limited Edition “Smoke” Tote Bag for

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